Why I Left the Organized Church

Guest article by Frank Viola Author

One man’s testimony.

1. I wasn’t able to share what the Lord gave me with my brothers and sisters.

2. I wasn’t able to receive from the other members of the Body, hearing and receiving their portion of Christ.

3. I discovered that the institutional form of church wasn’t biblical — meaning, it wasn’t rooted and grounded in Scripture. Support.)

4. The priesthood of all believers wasn’t being fleshed out in the institutional churches I attended.

5. The institutional churches I had attended weren’t caring properly for the poor.

6. The churches I attended weren’t equipped to deal a demon-possessed man I was trying to help.

7. I grew tired of the spiritual shallowness I was finding in every institutional church I attended.

8. I was bored with the church service (which is virtually identical in every institutional church, with some minor tweaks depending on the brand).

9. It was always predictable.

10. The fullness of Jesus Christ couldn’t be expressed by the clergy and his/her staff.

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