Why I Joined the Organic Church

Guest article by Frank Viola Author

One man’s testimony.

1. My spiritual instincts were crying out for face-to-face community, mutual sharing, mutual receiving, and mutual submission.

2. I discovered that I can’t live the Christian life by myself (and neither can you).

3. I saw that God’s Eternal Purpose is bound up with a face-to-face, local, visible, visit-able corporate expression of Christ where every member functions under the Lord’s direct headship (rather than the headship of a man).

4. I saw from the New Testament that God’s heart beats for the Body of Christ in every locality to function under the Headship of His Son.

5. I discovered that when every member of the Body gives Christ to one another, after being equipped on how to do this, the experience is just below the glory of heaven.

6. I wanted the fullness of Christ. And that’s only found when His Body — together — functions in a given place (1 Cor. 12-14).

7. I was shooting for spiritual depth and reality.

8. I longed for an environment where I could share the riches of Christ that were given to me and receive the riches of Christ that were given to the rest of the Body.

9. I was seriously interested in transformation, and transformation best takes place in Christian community.

10. I wanted to know Christ deeply, and I discovered that we can only comprehend “the breadth, depth, height, and know the love of Christ which passes knowledge” when we are “together with all saints.”

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