7 Characteristics of Organic Church

* The members of the church are learning to live by the life of Jesus Christ together and are expressing that life in tangible ways.

* The members are pursuing Jesus in their life together and sharing Him in their gatherings and community life.

* There is no clergy/laity divide. Every member functions and participates. All have different ministries and roles, and all contribute in the ministry and decision-making.

* Jesus is the head in a real discernible way.

* The church has been founded on Christ, not a certain theological system, a set of practices, a method, or a human personality. While God uses people to root the church in a real on-going relationship with Jesus, such people point to Jesus rather than to themselves.

*The church is not a once-a-week meeting. The members of an organic church meet often. They live as a face-to-face community.

* The church stands for and seeks to fulfill God’s eternal purpose. They don’t meet for a special interest such as evangelism, discipleship, social justice, spiritual gifts, church multiplication, but for God’s ultimate intention which may include yet transcends all of these things.

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