5 Myths About Organic Church

* In organic churches, nothing is organized and everything is spontaneous.

No. Just as a physical body has a specific expression and contains organization, so do organic churches. The members plan and arrange when and how they meet. Such planning is completely consistent with spiritual life. God Himself plans and arranges.

* An organic church has no leadership.

No. Leadership comes from every member of the body at different times. Different people lead according to their different gifts and ministries. In the organic church, all are priests, ministers, and functioning parts of the body just as the New Testament teaches. Leadership is open, participatory, and fluid.

* Organic church is the same thing as post-church.

No. Organic churches can be visited. They meet in real locations on a regular basis. They aren’t ghost churches. (Click here to read a critique of the post-church view.)

* Organic churches always meet in homes.

No. While organic churches do not own or possess “sacred” religious buildings, they can meet in any location. Whether a home, coffee shop, clubhouse, park, rented building, etc.

*Organic church is a unified movement.

No. Many Christians use the word “organic church” to describe very different expressions of church, even institutional churches. We’ve recommended some books and articles below to help bring clarity to this term.

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